About us

Zoologeek was founded because we weren't happy wearing the same boring clothes as everybody else. We want our clothes to express our uniqueness, to show our friends what our passions are. (If you don't know already it's animals and all things geeky.) So we mashed the two together and printed our own wardrobe of custom t-shirts.

After many compliments from our friends and even strangers, we though other people might have the same passions as us, so why not let them wear our designs?

So we started to hand out some of our t-shirts to friends and family and to our delight, they loved them and wore them with pride. Which made us feel warm and fuzzy inside, just like cuddling a puppy.

From then on we knew we needed to up our game, so we came up with a name for our enterprise, Zoologeek. Now we didn't have any idea how to manufacture quality clothing on a large scale, so we didn't. We went to the company who made our custom t-shirts and partnered with them, they make so many different products and have produced millions on items to date so we're happy they can do the job well.

That means we can focus on designing new art for you to wear. Now you will never find any of these designs in another store. They're all Zoologeek, so if you like animals and everything geeky, you've found your people.

We welcome suggestions! If you go to our Get in touch page we would love it if you sent us a message with your idea, if we end up using it, we'll even send you a free t-shirt with the final design on it. 

Hopefully your'll never be bored of your wardrobe again.